Dear Investors,

Valuable Business Partners and Employees,

  • The necessity “to adopt the highest level corporate behavior standards to all environment we affect, to all society we contact, and to everybody we work with” is described in our corporate purpose.
  • Unconditional customer happiness has the most importance for us. Therefore we give attention for our products and services to carry ultimate quality and we adopt the “Total Quality Management” as a management philosophy. Observing market preferences and standards in policy determination and having close and warm relations with our customers is our main principle.
  • Our products and services focus on productivity increase for our customers’ workplaces. As using modern management technics and giving attention to the fact that each sector and each organization has its own structure, we provide essential scientific tools equipment and services to our customers for them to be able to more profitable.
  • We take it as our duty to contribute to the increase of civilization level, which humankind has reached today, with morality and the high ethical values.
  • We will pay attention to our customers’ and our society’s concerns while having scientific innovations in order to meet the customers’ needs. We will operate in the framework of scientific principles as applying very concrete standards about product security.
  • Our employees behave accordingly to law, legislations and company regulations under any circumstances. They avoid of behaviors and relationships which may cause the personal benefit and benefit conflicts. They has responsibility to inform management about any situation which is opposite of ethical rules.

Board Chairman

Akay Konrat, President of Konrat Construction