Konrat Construction

Our company is established in 1990 and since then completed many projects in our country and overseas in construction industry. Konrat Construction continues to meet and increase its customers’ quality expectations.

Konrat Construction is established with the intention of building special living areas with the highest quality. Our philosophy is to create one within another special projects with ultra-comfort, structural concreteness and outstanding architecture. We believe that every project exists with its unique features and never be duplicated.

Konrat Construction easily controls the process which gives prior attention to design and comfort and at the same time covers special payment conditions, with thanks to its experience in the field.

Having great companies among its overseas references gives trust and encourage to customers in the framework of the company’s expanding vision. About the time management, the company has a great reputation and is among the best companies in its sector. All the detailed information with its pictures about our completed and currently on-going projects are available in our web site.