Having the leading position in construction sector, we and our business partners must keep all the higher ethical standards like honesty and dignity. Konrat commits to work with all its employees within ethical frameworks and suitable to legal regulations.

The success of Konrat as a leader in construction sector directly depends on its most important principle, honesty. Honesty and authenticity are the values that have higher priority than material values for our company. Honesty is the main reason why our customers and industrial partners keep choosing to work with Konrat.

Employees’ role on Konrat keeps its reliability as an ethical company is very important. Since ethical behaviors, Konrat provides detailed investigations about the ethical necessities, “beyond” the legal requirements.

Konrat employment conditions: All the employees can join the Konrat family after acceptance of Ethic Policy Konrat Rules, personal suitability, not holding and carrying any features that can be objected by these ethical values.

Our first and foremost intention is to provide a workplace to our customers without any problem and fully suitable with them in all phases.

Customer satisfaction has the highest priority for Konrat. We are committed to go on developing and growing with our customers and business partners without decreasing our values that we protect. Honesty is the cornerstone of the relationships we built with our customers and employees. We heart fully and constantly work with the intention of being an active contributor rot he society we live in and turning out an important global organization in the industry.

Konrat Construction Dostlar Project Building 2