Our Human Resources Management Target

Konrat Group Human Resources Management target is to develop and implement human resources strategies which create value in order to reach community vision and business results.

Konrat Group, which reaches its targets as primarily getting power from its human resources, adopts the target of being community which gives respect to participations and diversity as mutual trust and respect exist. Our community has always given importance to existence of ultra-qualified human resources, consistently development of employees and sustaining high level motivation. As allocating resources and giving priority to employees’ satisfaction and developments, Konrat Group believes that new and creative opportunities can be obtained through harmonization of different perspectives and knowledge sharing processes.

In every beginning of work periods, the targets which are expected from each employee in a year are specified after both personal and collective meetings as integrated with Target Specifying and Rating Meetings which is occurred between managers and employees. The performance related to these targets is observed with three months/ six months periods and improving precautions are taken. At the end of the year, how degree an employee reached to his/ her target is determined.