Konrat Construction adopts innovative and sustainable environment.

We adopt connection and cooperation with the society as a reliable, transparent and unified management approach for our environment works while believing the one which is accepted by the society is “sustainable”.

Our main principle in our activities in various industries has responsibility of product and service life cycle. In this approach, we manage our activities and observing environment influences in all phases.

Our Corporate Environment Policy

  • Our prior target is developmental sites which are around the public transportation, easy to reach shopping malls and business centers for our customers, and contributes the efforts of decreasing carbon footprints.
  • We suggest multiple unit housing mix in order to increase the social responsibility awareness and to build powerful, active and different communities.
  • We create and implement our environment standards beyond the legal obligations.
  • We target perfectionism with sharing knowledge and experience inter-organizations.
  • We adopt proactive approach in all our activities in order to improve our environmental performance constantly.
  • We identify and manage the environmental risks.
  • We try to implement the best possible production technics.
  • We contribute to sustainability as turning out the environmental developments to business opportunities as observing them.
  • We support the environmental awareness and knowledge sharing for societal development.
Konrat Construction Dostlar Project Groundwork 2