Konrat Construction has a rewarded reputation and different rank as contractor of prestigious buildings and projects. With the philosophy of providing the best product with the most convenient payment system and low fees, we are working with a powerful team than can see the bigger picture in all projects. We are growing day by day with our team which can take the most ideal structural decisions, can calculate the most suitable costs with its farseeing vision.

From the beginning, we started our journey with the philosophy of providing the highest quality with the best price. One of the means to succeed it is to go beyond the conventional roles of customer/ architecture/ contractor with our customers. If you are looking for the right firm for design services, right and consents or project management, contact with Konrat. Give a call us and inform what you need, we will be serving you with the ideal conditions.

Determining the need in design process, using the physical comfort and visual pleasure simultaneously, creating overall and economical solutions, and the works done through not decreasing quality will provide the way to enjoy the serious successes.

Design process starts with sketching phase and ends up with preparing application and system details. Project can be supported with 3 dimension visuals when needed.

We provide to customers after completing the Ferro-concrete and steel projects creation which is accordingly to national and international technical standards, legislation and regulations, economical, applicable and can meet the customers’ need; controllership and consultancy services within the scheduled time.

We create the most ideal solutions for our customers as meeting their quality, price and performance expectations in the best ways, following the all innovations in the sector with our customer satisfaction oriented perspective in all kinds of construction and contracting work.


  • Villa and Housing Projects
  • Industrial Facilities and Management Offices
  • Business and Shopping Mall & Centers
  • Social Facilities
  • Road, Bridge and Infrastructure Projects
  • Improving/ Reconstructive Projects
  • Real Estate Consultancy
Konrat Construction Dostlar Project Groundwork 1